There are a lot of children’s Bibles out there, and it can be hard to know which ones are worth the money. Some of the ones below we own, and others have been checked out at our local library. (PS: I’m a big believer in the library). These are the best children’s Bibles by age, and I’ve thrown in some kids devotional Bibles and Bible storybooks, too!

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If you’re looking for the best children’s Bible by age, specifically for your toddler, you need to think about your kiddo’s attention span.

Most little bitty kids can’t listen to a full Bible story, but there are plenty of storybook Bibles. A select few books are specifically geared toward the under three crowd, and they’re often not exactly “Bibles.” Here are some ideas. 

This Toddler’s Bible does what it needs to do: present beautiful, baby friendly pictures with minimal text. Toddler Bibles aren’t really BIBLES, ya know? But this will expose your tiny tot to Jesus, and that’s what we’re going for.

This one is not actually a Bible, but it’s a Bible songbook that plays music, so that’s kinda cute for babies. You might like it. 

This is a board book with a puffy(ish) cover. Ours has chew marks. You get 10 Old Testament stories and 10 New Testament stories. I love that each of the stories has a single summarizing tagline that makes the message clear. For example, “Jesus loves you and blesses you.” 

You get one Bible story each day. Each story fills a single page. The font is large, and the illustrations are helpful. It’s chronological, too. You basically get the 365 most important Bible stories, in order. It’s an easy to read children’s Bible.

best children's bibles by age

Bibles and Kids Devotional Bibles for Age 3-5

If you’re looking for the best children’s Bible by age, specifically for your preschooler and kindergartener, these are great options.

For this crowd, you’ll start to find more developed Bible stories, but books about the Bible or Bible characters can be a great choice, too.

This is a sweet little devotional. Every day, kids get a Bible verse, short passage, and prayer. Each day also comes with a word of the day. For example, “favorite.” On the “favorite” page, the there’s a Bible verse about the Lord showing you His favor. You get a little passage about favorite things, and it explains that we are all God’s “favorite things.” Plus a prayer…

This one’s a good option if you’re looking for a devotional Bible with an emphasis on girly stuff. The stories are a nice length for bedtime routine. If you need a little girls’ Bible, this is a nice one.

We own this one, too. It’s the boys’ counterpart to the devotional Bible above. The stories focus more on stereotypical “boy stuff,” if you like that. I can see the devotionals leading to some neat conversations between a daddy and his little boy. If you’re specifically searching for Bibles for boys, I’d start here. 

Bibles and Devotionals for Kids Age 5-8

By the early elementary years, you can start to access some of the BEST children’s Bibles. My personal favorite is the Jesus Storybook Bible, but at this point, all the options get a lot more exciting. 

This is my absolute, all-time favorite children’s Bible storybook. The writing is really poetic, but still more than manageable for kids. 

The reason this Bible storybook is so magical is the way “every story whispers His name.” Some children’s Bible storybooks just fail miserably at weaving the stories together. They feel disjointed. Not with this Bible! Every single story points straight to Jesus. 

The pictures are the highlight of this illustrated Bible, but the stories are great, too. The text is pretty simple for early readers. The messages are really wonderfully written for little kids. I think the average second grader whose reading is more or less on track will absolutely love it. This is another really solid Bible storybook. 

This devotional is just fabulous. You get stories that originally present as informational science bits, but then there’s a God connection.

For example, there’s a devotional about how glow-in-the-dark stickers work, and there’s a connection made to God being the light of the world. A scripture is always included: in this case, “My God brightens the darkness around me.” Psalm 18:28. Cool huh?

This girls’ devotional is really cute. It’s intended for girls who are writing, so make sure to only get this for writers (unless you plan to dictate whatever she tells you at bedtime). I think it’s a really great quality devotional, if you like gender-specific ones. 

This Bible is for kids who really love Super Heroes. It’s written a bit in the style of a cartoon, but with more text. My daughter isn’t crazy about it, but I could see it working well for a 3rd grader who is reading on level and who loves super heroes. 

This book of Bible stories is targeted at upper elementary school girls. The pictures are really beautiful. Each Bible story is followed up by a devotional, written by a little cartoon girl. For example, after the story of Esther, the devotional by a cartoon girl named Glory reads: “I mean, lip gloss is great, but the way we look on the outside won’t change people’s lives.”

Best Bibles for Ages 9-12 (and devotionals, too)

If you’re looking for the best children’s Bible by age, specifically for your upper elementary child, here are some fun options. You can also start to transition to a proper Bible at this age that’s dominated by actual Bible text if you’ve got a strong reader. Still, I’d choose a Bible that’s made for kids, like this one. Many churches give this Bible out to all their new third graders at the start of the school year. 

The illustrations in this are truly unique (and gorgeous)! I would save this one for upper elementary school. It’s challenging to read, but it’s really something different.

The stories flow nicely, and it does have a more poetic feel to it. I don’t know how I feel about this one, but lots of folks really love it. 

This is kind of an old-fashioned Bible, but it’s pretty good for advanced readers in upper elementary. The stories are fairly long, and the illustrations are done in colored pencil.

There are often sidebars featuring cultural tidbits that can help fill gaps in kids’ understanding, as well as pictures of Biblical artifacts kept in museums. 

This is NOT a Bible or even a traditional devotional book, but it’s WONDERFUL. The subtitle kind of says it all: “unforgettable tales of women of faith.”

Each two-page spread features a cartoon rendering of a woman of faith. On the other page will be a one-page biography of a woman of faith. About half are women in the Bible.

This is a very popular kids Bible. It has 230 Bible stories in it, written chronologically and in comic book form.

It actually kind of offended my weird little kid, who feels like it’s not right for the Bible to be written as a comic strip. But ignore her; there are plenty of kids who are really captivated by this Bible, and that’s what we want!

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