Birth Stories from the Mama

Three different tales for pregnant mamas who obsessively Google things. I'm here for you!

I wanted an unmedicated hospital birth story.

With each baby, I got a step closer to the birth experience I craved.

Three was the magic number for me!

I wrote my birth stories in the immediate aftermath of having each baby. I really wanted an unmedicated hospital birth story, but the first two births were chock full of interventions, despite my best intentions. It’s just that birth doesn’t always go the way you think it will. 

Some women say, “All I care about is a healthy baby.” Of course, I wanted a healthy baby, too. I just felt like I could be in control of my choices, even if I could never be fully in control of what was happening to me. If things went sideways, I wanted to be prepared with smart questions.  I needed to take care of myself and my babies, and for a Type A person like me, that meant reading all the stories and doing all the research.

With Chicken Nugget’s birth, I finally met my goal. And yet, even that story has some twists and turns, and there were moments that felt unsafe because of what happened in the hospital. 

Reading and listening to other people’s stories birth stories awakened in me an appreciation for just how incredible God made women. It very often doesn’t go as planned, and that doesn’t make it any less magical. Whether you have a baby via C-section, planned induction, or on the side of the road, there’s nothing sweeter than the moment you see your baby’s face. 


The Birth Story of Turkey Burger

Read Turkey Burger’s story to learn more about premature rupture of membranes (PROM), labor augmentation, a glorious epidural, and a rough recovery.

The Birth Story of Chicken Patty

Chicken Patty’s story is all about an induction with Foley Bulb and Pitocin, necessitated by gestational hypertension. This delivery taught me that “labor math” is not a thing.

The Birth Story of Chicken Nugget

They say third babies are the wild card, and little miss Chicken Nugget was no exception to that rule. Read more to learn about precipitous labor and fetal ejection reflex. I finally got my unmedicated hospital birth story!

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