I’ve already created a post with my favorite 10 Toys that Make Kids Smarter and Healthier. I hope you’ll check it out! Now, I’m ready to dig deeper into even more Christmas gifts for kindergarteners.

I do like to think outside the box, but we’re also quite possibly the last remaining Texans to still be doing quarantine-y things. That means you won’t find many experiential gifts on this list, because experiences involve people, and we’re still only seeing people indoors when 100% necessary. Like sending Turkey Burger to public school, which was completely necessary to the mental health of everyone in the household. 

Happy shopping, mamas! 

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission from your clicks. Check out my full disclosure here.

Mercy Watson beginning chapter books are perfect for bedtime read-alouds.

Mercy Watson books are absolutely precious, and they are perfect for beginning readers. I like exposing young readers to chapter books because they need to not be intimidated by them. If parents are reading the books to kids, they’ll learn that chapter books can be just as fun (if not more so) than picture books. Mercy Watson has adorable illustrations, a lovable pig, and cute little plots in every book. 

A Universal Yums subscription is a unique Christmas gift for kindergarteners and the whole family.

Yum Yum Box Christmas Subscription Box for Kindergarten

An unconventional choice, right? Yum Yum Box is a snack crate that features foods from countries all over the world. In each kit, you get 12 snacks from a specific place, with a little informational guide to the country and foods.

My buddy got this kit last month from Thailand. There were sweet and savory snacks and definitely some flavors they weren’t expecting!

Turkey Burger is picky with her food, but also super curious. And she LOVES snacks. That’s why I think this kit would be a great choice for other skeptical eaters like her.

If we read her information about where the food comes from, get out her globe and atlas, and we ALL try something new together, she’ll be much more adventurous. I think it’s a great way to push picky eaters outside their comfort zone and give them exposure to new flavors and cultures.

Another fun thing to do with these crates would be to make unboxing videos where we record each family member’s reaction to tasting the different foods. I don’t know about your kids, but mine ham it up for the camera and it could be hilarious.

Kiwi Crate is an awesome toy for kindergarteners working on problem-solving skills.

Holy Cow, Turkey Burger loves her Kiwi Crate. Every single month, that sucker comes in the mail (thanks to a very thoughtful Grandma) and she does a happy dance without fail. Often, she can follow the instructions and put them together by herself. Occasionally, she’ll lack the dexterity to do a specific step in the process or need help reading a direction. We are always happy to swoop in, but we love to see her try and problem solve on her own.

We started these Kiwi crates two years ago, and she hasn’t ever gone more than 48 hours without getting started. She began with the Koala crate first, which is for younger kids. Honestly, she would still enjoy the Koala crate, too, but we decided to level up for more STEM activities. 

Bicycles are an important developmental tool and confidence booster!

I read somewhere that kids aren’t learning to ride bikes as much anymore! Maybe that was just some doomscrolling that doesn’t deserve much attention. If it’s true, that makes me sad.

Turkey Burger isn’t naturally wired for physical activity. She’s more of a sit-still-and-work-on-something kind of kid. But we really pushed her to conquer bike riding, and I’m SO GLAD we did. Her confidence has grown so much since learning to ditch her training wheels.

She’s pretty cautious by nature. She has learned that she can do scary things if she sticks with it.

It’s important for kids to get fresh air and be active, of course! This is a great first step. She’s proud of her bicycle, and we like this one!

Blue light glasses for kids are a unique Christmas gift for kindergarteners who are quarantined.

Well, thanks to these crazy Covid days, our kids are spending more time on technology than normal. Our school sends home iPads every evening, which is how they do their homework now. We’ve never heard complaining about headaches or discomfort from doing homework on the iPad, but I think these are cool, and they get great reviews. They can make screen time more comfortable for kids. If yours are doing full-time remote learning, this could be a fantastic purchase. 

Greenlight Debit Card offer parents a convenient way to teach the value of a dollar to kindergarten kids.

A debit card for kindergarteners sounds nutty, but I actually think it could be a really fabulous teaching tool and such a fun thing for them to open on Christmas morning. Hear me out.

One time, Turkey Burger was attempting to buy about 42 books at the Scholastic Book Fair, even though I specifically gave her a budget and helped her add the amounts. She said to me, “I don’t get it. Can’t you just swipe that card and get more books?”

It was in that moment that I realized giving her cash for certain chores and letting her save wasn’t making a huge impression. In her mind, the cash was little amounts but swiping a card is no big deal. Dangerous!

This card could be a great way to assign chores and values, and then deposit money instantly when they complete their work. You can open the app at any time and show them what they’ve accumulated. 

Most importantly, when they go to the store, they’re handing over a card with their photo on it.

We don’t keep cash on hand at all really. So I felt like when we assigned chores to Turkey Burger and just kept a tally on a piece of paper, it wasn’t making maximum impact. Especially because when we went to spend her money, I was pulling out MY card. 

This card could solve all of that. Also, they see you swipe your card all the time, so how cool would it be to open up a debit card, pre-loaded with $10? They could swipe it the first time just to experience the fun of spending, but then it’s time to learn that money doesn’t grow on trees. 

Mr. Rogers’ DVD collection stands the test of time and is a unique Christmas gift for kindergarteners today.

I couldn’t resist buying this for my kindergartener on her 5th birthday. I had such happy memories of watching Mr. Rogers when I was a kid. Still, I was cautiously optimistic – so much about kids’ programming has changed in the last few years. And by “few years” I mean several decades, lol. 

She was skeptical when she saw the cover. I mean, she pretty much only watches animated stuff, and I can’t even get her to watch animal shows unless the animals talk. So Mr. Rogers looked way too realistic for her at first glance. 

I made a deal with her: if she would enthusiastically watch just one episode of Mr. Rogers, she could watch one more episodes of anything she wanted that day. 

Y’all, this child was TRANSFIXED. She could not take her eyes off that dude. I had almost forgotten how calming the show is, and how beautifully Mr. Rogers teaches about love and compassion and work ethic and curiosity and all.the.good.things.

The truth is that Mr. Rogers simply transcends time, and not just for adults. Kids will still love him, too. He talks to them like they’re grown people, and he makes them feel like a special friend. Turkey Burger has now watched the entire set (pictured above), which is 32 episodes. Lucky for us, there are more box sets out there!

A subscription to Disney+ is so worth the price.

DisneyPlus Subscription for Kindergarten Kids

You’re late to the party if you’ve not gotten Disney+ yet! It has all the princess classics, plus lots of other fun stuff. It’s soooooo cheap, too! If you need a special gift for cheap, just sign up for a month or two.

That way, you can spend the rest of Christmas break cuddled up on the couch together with blankets and popcorn. All that Disney magic will make your break together feel special. 

Our Generation Dolls are a cheaper alternative for American Girl lovers.

I can’t imagine why anyone nowadays would splurge on an American Girl Doll, when Target has a HUGE variety of these dolls that are the same size. I love how you can find just about any skin tone or hairstyle and eye color.

I guess the only difference is that these dolls don’t have books made about them or the entire narrative going on, but I mean…these are $30. American Girl dolls are $110. 

We really hit the jackpot when a friend passed down her daughter’s old American Girl doll clothes, which fit these dolls perfectly. They are that standard 18″ size.

Kids’ sewing kits are great for working on fine motor skills. 

If your little one loves crafts, he or she might be excited about these projects! Recommended age per the manufacturer is at least 6, but a child with good dexterity and fine motor skills might be able to get started. For the price, you get seven complete projects. 

An Epic subscription is perfect for beginning readers.

10 Books for Early Readers

I’ve used Epic as a third grade teacher and think more kids should be enjoying it at home. It’s perfect for struggling or beginning readers, because parents can input a reading level (provided by the teacher) and select interest areas. Kids love it!

Epic will allow students to practice reading independently or read stories to them, and both are incredibly important for learning to read. 

Especially at the kindergarten level, there’s almost nothing more important than constant exposure to books. 

Playsticks are a unique Christmas gift for kindergarteners who enjoy building toys.

We haven’t tried these yet, but I ran across these doing “research” for this little post. I think they look like fabulous, open-ended play! Our kids LOVE builder toys once they get started on them, and these seem like they would elicit the same enthusiasm. 

Rollerblades are making a big comeback!

We debated whether or not Turkey Burger should try roller skating or inline skates, and settled on this exact skate (just in pink, of course). She loves them! Her grandparents gifted her with a birthday pair, and also provided ALL the pads: wrist, elbow and knee pads. That’s made a big difference, because she’s figured out that falling doesn’t actually hurt.

Every time she practices, she gains confidence. I think she’s only a week or two away from cruising around at a zippy speed, and then the huge grins will soon follow!

A globe and an atlas will broaden their horizons.

Most little kids have parents (like us) who find it outrageously difficult to travel. I mean there are incredible parents out there toting small children all around the world, but they are not as high-strung as we are! Haha. 

Being able to cross-reference an Atlas with a globe is great fun for kids. They get to find a random country on the map, and then learn more about it. 

Turkey Burger definitely prefers fiction and fantasy like many little girls, but very often, boys are drawn to non-fiction. If that describes your child, you probably feel like one can only read so many books about animals! This is definitely a change of pace. Include a Yum Yum box and it’s quite the themed gift!

Pajamas from Hanna Andersson are so soft and cozy.

I’m not normally a brand snob when it comes to clothes. I totally don’t care where they come from usually. But Hanna jams? They’re actually better. I would have never spent my own money on pricier pajamas, but luckily my kids have grandparents that love to spoil them and are able to do so. Lucky us!

These pajamas are soft and they last forever. They come in fun patterns and prints, too! I prefer the regular patterns, but my kids love the character jammies. They are all high quality. 

A subscription to Ask or Spider Magazine is perfect for kids who love to receive mail and hear bedtime stories.

We receive each of these magazines. Turkey Burger loves fiction, so she prefers Spider. But they are both super high quality, so if your kiddo prefers non-fiction, get Ask! 

If your kiddo isn’t reading yet, as most aren’t at this age, read these magazines at bedtime! They are high quality and I can promise that you’ll probably learn a thing or two, too! If I’m going to be reading to the kids, I like to enjoy myself in the process. This does the trick! 

Back Yard Ninja Climbing Gear is a wonderful outdoor solution for families with small yards. 

If you’ve got two good size trees in your backyard for mounting this gear, you’ve got the perfect space for this ninja climbing activity. 

Our backyard is NOT a selling feature in our house. It drives us nuts because it’s awkardly shaped. We briefly looked at this as a solution for outdoor play, because adding a traditional swingset and slide arrangement was going to be too tricky. 

This is definitely an activity that can grow with your child as they get older and stronger. 

Soap and Bath Bomb DIY kits are great for science lovers.

Bath Bomb Kits are the perfect way to engage reluctant little girls in science! Incidentally, my 2 year old son absolutely loves bath bombs. He doesn’t have the attention span for maker kits yet, but he loves it when big sister makes him a bath bomb. These activities stretch for quite a few hours of entertainment. 

A Baketivity Box is a unique Christmas gift for kindergarteners to enjoy with their families over winter break.

Baketivity baking kits are great because you can purchase a single box to open on Christmas morning, without commiting to multiple months at a time. 

You can choose from tons of different baking options, and all the ingredients are pre-measured. That’s super, because kids are notoriously bad at measuring. 

There are educational components in the box, too, so kids are learning without realizing it. 

Monogrammed pencils are fun stocking stuffers for nerdy kindergarteners.

personalized pencils are a great kindergarten gift

These pencils are so fun for kindergarteners, because they’re all learning to write their names. How handy is it to have pencils with a spelling reminder?

Turkey Burger takes after her daddy in the sense that she can’t resist a good monogram. 

Like most Etsy purchases, these are completely customizable. You can do something besides a name if you want! 

A hilarious picture book will get lots of wear for families with multiple kids.

Edwina the Dinosaur Who Didn’t Know She was Extinct and Mother Bruce are two of my absolute favorite books to read aloud to my kids. They are downright hysterical, with themes and illustrations that are equally fun for kids and adults.

Fashion is not my thing. Cooking is not my thing. My thing is picture books. You should trust me on this one. 

If you follow the “Something to wear, something to read, something you want and something you need” guidelines for Christmas morning, I’ve just knocked it out of the park for you on one of those. You’re welcome!

A Yeti water jug will encourage better hydration and cut down on dishes.

We don’t like washing tons of dishes. Who does? A family member gifted one of our kids with this Yeti kids’ tumbler, and we were instantly as in love as you can possibly be with a water bottle. It’s pricey, but it’s the best there is. So we promptly bought our other big kid one. 

Our kids drink exclusively water, so we just keep their jugs full. They travel with them to the dinner table, night stand, and exercise outings. It’s all they use to drink!

A kid-sized full length mirror is great for diva kinders!

Perhaps we’re not the only ones with a kindergartener who has no shortage of confidence. It does make me happy to see our girl admiring her reflection in her mirror. Ours is like the one above, but in white.

Turkey Burger doesn’t seem to use it much for assessing her ordinary school outfits, but I’ve seen her study her look plenty of times while playing dress up. If you’ve got a little diva, this could be a really fun Christmas morning present. 

The “How Great is Our God Devotional” is fabulous for families who want their kid to love science AND God.

We are a family that loves both God and science. Yet it’s hard to find faith-based resources that celebrate God’s creation through the lens of scientific principles! I’m so excited to start reading this with Turkey Burger before bed each night in 2021. 

A fish tank is a unique Christmas gift for a kindergartener who would rather have a swimming pool (hah)!

Fish are the perfect responsibility-teaching pets. This particular fish tank works great for us. We aren’t super into fish-keeping. Is that a thing, or just bee-keeping? This one is 5 gallons and does the trick for beginners.

Here’s a silly story: when Turkey Burger was four, she wanted a swimming pool from Santa. We had to write a letter from Santa explaining that while her backyard didn’t have room for a proper pool, she could have a swimming pool for fish instead. And that’s how we came to own a fish tank and a couple of low-maintenance fish and plants. 

Once a week, we do a super light cleaning, which is less stinky and demanding than you’ll get with a hamster or gerbil. Once in a while, we’ll be delinquit and have an algae bloom or snail growth, and we’ll have to do a deeper clean that takes about 30 minutes. 

Turkey Burger is able to feed them herself. Some kids who struggle to fall asleep benefit from watching the fish swimming around, but not our kid. She requires the tank lights to be turned off because the fish creep her out at night.

A yoga mat is a great gift for kids who are obsessed with Cosmic Kids Yoga on Youtube.

Both of our big kids are absolutely crazy about the Cosmic Kids yoga channel on Youtube. She’s this nutty British woman who teaches yoga to kids using popular Disney movies in their imaginations. They are also a bit jealous of their daddy’s legit yoga mat.

Isn’t it a fun idea to give them their own mats to roll out when it’s a rainy day and they need some exercise?

Cheapo kid-friendly flashlights make even ordinary activities seem special.

Stocking alert! Both our two year old and six year old love their cheapo, kid-friendly flashlights. And we love not having to freak out about them possibly breaking our fancy one.

Flashlights are great for sparking their imaginations. Every activity my daughter thinks up is even MORE fun in her dark closet with a flashlight in hand.

She has used hers for closet reading (to escape Chicken Patty), and backyard camping. They also love to set up their glow in the dark marble run in her dark closet with flashlights in hand.

DIY Hallway Mailboxes will encourage letter writing and might inspire kindness in the family.

mailbox backpack hooks for kinder Christmas

Photo credit to Brandi Lace

I love the idea of gifting all three of our kids (one of whom won’t even appreciate it yet) with a DIY mailbox like this to hang outside their rooms. It will be in their favorite respective colors (or possibly neutral to match the hallways, if I’m feeling classy), and have their name on it. A can of spray paint, a friend who does vinyl work, and a mailbox like this is all you need!

The hooks will be used for coats and backpacks.

The mailbox feature makes this a cool idea. Turkey Burger loves writing notes and coloring pictures for people. This gives her a fun, sneaky way to bestow gifts on her family members. 

But even if your kid isn’t like that, ALL kids love receiving mail. After a hard day, it could be sweet to drop off encouraging notes for your kid(s).

Another idea is to simply help kids organize paperwork. They can hang their bags on the hook when they get home, and pull out paperwork for Mom or Dad (or whomever) to complete. There are lots of ways to utilize this system in your household! 

A rolling suitcase is perfect for overnight visits to see grandparents.

We are still visiting grandparents during Covid, and Turkey Burger has a rolling backpack she loves. It’s the perfect size for elementary school kids, because they don’t have bulky diapers and baby products, but they’re not using up space with makeup and styling tools, either! 

Kids love rolling bags. Not sure why it’s such a big deal, but it surely seems to be in our house!

The National Geographic Crystal Growing Kit is an awesome way to foster a love of science and beauty.

Erm, can I play?

I do love a good science gift! National Geographic tends to be produce pretty high-quality toys. This one gets pretty high reviews. Plus, everyone knows kids love crystals. They just do!

30 unique christmas gifts for kindergarteners



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