These are our favorite educational toys and games right now. I hope you find some new inspiration!

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These tracks create endless fun! We play trains at least once a week, configuring different tracks. Multiple ages can play with them at their own developmental level.

Is your little one acting a little overtired and overstimulated? Some quiet play with kinetic sand can be very soothing. Keep a broom nearby for clean up at the end. It’s cheap enough that you can toss dirty sand right in the trash – this stuff lasts forever.

These Melissa and Doug floor puzzles are such high quality. Beautiful, education pictures, sturdy cardboard pieces that can withstand much abuse, and HUGE. We have five Melissa and Doug floor puzzles and love them all. 

We switch back and forth between two marble runs. This one is the more traditional one you might remember from your own childhood – plus glow in the dark marbles! This is a perfectly sized starter set.

These scooters are excellent! Kids need movement to grow their brains. We love taking these on long walks! They are adjustible and grow really well with the kid. Our 2 year old loves his as much as the 6 year old. 

This ukulele is the perfect starter instrument for kids! It’s affordable and REAL. Take it to lessons or queue up some Youtube videos for learning time!

These are Picasso Tiles – basically a knock off, but equally outstanding Magna Tile set! We LOVE these and they have provided countless hours of play. 

These are wonderful for any child with enough dexterity and fine motor skills to handle a Lego. Our daughter is still playing with these weekly, even after two years!

Both our older kids have benefitted from the balance bike. We believe our three year old is mere weeks away from riding a bike without training wheels. Our more cautious, older daughter finally mastered riding without training wheels within a week of trying the balance bike. This one is outstanding. 

This is a great starter loom if you have a crafty kid looking to learn a new hobby! I think the repetitive back and forth hand motion helps with fine motor skills and it teaches persistence, too.

This is one of our first baby toys, but our three year old is still working on sorting the shapes and colors into different piles and reassembling it properly! It lasts a long time, and I love a good wooden toy.

This one teaches taking turns, balancing different sized wooden blocks, and rolling a dice. It was actually pretty fun for me to play, too! Our three year old boy loves this, and his 6 year old sister is happy to play with him, too.

This activity box was a big hit. The volcano is the main attraction, but our kiddo loved checking every day to see if her crystal was forming, too. We also enjoyed chipping away at the blocks to discover fools gold and other gemstones. This is a one-and-done, but at least when the projects are complete, you don’t have to store the toy!

We are currently growing into this magnatile marble run. Our oldest is 6, and she CAN snap the pieces together, but gets a bit frustrated. My youngest loves for me to build him a marble run, so he can play with it. I think the sweet spot is probably 6-10 years old. It’s sooooo cool! Bonus: these marbles are not a choking hazard. They are BIG.

They THINK they’re just creating beautiful designs to share with friends, when actually, they’re getting in a bit of math, too. It’s so sneaky, old school, and fabulous!

This game is so fun for both my three year old and six year old. The pieces are sturdy and the images are adorable. Pro tip: if you ever plan to have two playing together, you’ll need two sets. Otherwise, they’ll have to take turns. 

This game is fun even for me! Kids get to make funny sentences using the different parts of speech, and you can’t win until you’ve got a rhyme in there. Plus, they need to add points at the end of their hand.

This is a perfect game for upper elementary and works on both math and ELAR skills. They’ll never know it, though, because you’ll be laughing so hard!

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