Hey! Here you are, searching the Google Machine for self care as a mom likely at 2:00 a.m. I bet when this stuff arrives on your porch in 48-72 hours, you won’t even remember buying it. Snort, it’s great to have a community of readers just like me! 

You need this stuff, mama. These aren’t obnoxious products that make no sense, like $23 countertop spray, that you’d find in some magazines (lookin’ at you, Oprah). These are reasonable, awesome products that will make you feel better about life. And if some of these products seem a little bit steep in the price, it’s because dang it, if we can find it in the budget, we deserve it! 

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Old Navy Rockstar Jeggings are my Favorite Mom Product EVER

Maybe you’re like me. I thought it would be a cold day in Hell before I’d put a pair of jeans on any “self care as a mom” list. I like jeans but they don’t usually like me. I’m no fashionista and I like to maintain a budget, but who wants to look like an armpit? I was on the search for some affordable jeans that make me feel good both physically and mentally. 

These jeggings are amazing because buttons and zippers are for the birds. When you’ve got a mama belly, you need some support through the midsection. These jeans do the trick. I don’t wear them tucked in like the women in the pictures below. Are tucked in jeggings a thing? 

Unlike some stretchy pants, they don’t loosen up as the day goes on. I love that they frequently go on sale for $20, because it’s entirely possible that I’ll ruin them as a teacher and mom of three. Perhaps my favorite thing is that they come in petite for me, and tall for all you long, tall Sallys.  They come in several different washes, too, so buy all of them, by all means.

Need self care as a mom? Try lavender chamomile tea at night…

Not every night is for red wine. Some nights, I prefer to snuggle up with a hot cup of this lavender chamomile tea. It’s extra delicious with a bit of honey mixed in. We tend to make two cups and watch Netflix with our tea around 9:00 p.m. Sometimes at the end of a long day, I feel strangely wired after the kids go down. This helps take the edge off in a totally healthy manner, and for that reason, it’s a favorite mom product of mine. It’s supposed to steep for 10 minutes, but I usually start sipping after about 4 minutes and it still tastes delicious.


…prepared with an Ovente Electric Tea Kettle

The electric kettle is super because when I want tea, I usually want it like 5 minutes ago. Who wants to sit around waiting for water to boil? This electric tea kettle gets the job done quickly. It also lights up a beautiful blue that makes you feel like you’re drinking tea in outer space.


…enjoyed under my (spendy) Pottery Barn blankets

 These Pottery Barn blankets are pricey as heck, but they are heavenly. They’re super heavy, so they almost behave like a weighted blanket that you might use for anxiety. They’re also gorgeous tossed over my couch, so it makes me feel a bit luxurious. I have two of them that I’ve gotten as Christmas gifts over the years. My white one is probably 10 years old at this point and my grey one is at least 5 years old. I have no need for any other blankets in my house because these are so fabulous. 

pottery barn throw favorite mom products

“Not every night is for red wine…”

(and now you trust nothing I have to say, amiright?)

When you need self care as a mom, check out SOMA Cool Nights Pajamas (because of ALL THE HORMONES).

Almost every year, my mother-in-law gets me a new pair of Soma Cool Nights Pajamas, and I look forward to opening that package for the entire month of December. These jammies are so soft! I literally have retired every other pair of pajamas in my collection now that I have discovered this line. Nothing else can hold a candle to them! You need these jammies, old pal. 

The reason these jammies are so baller is because of HORMONES. Ya know, breastfeeding hormones where you wake up at 3:00 am mysteriously bathed in a fine layer of glistening sweat, or week 3 of your cycle where, again, you’re just hot as the dickens for seemingly no good reason. (Sidebar – it’s progesterone, friends. That’s why you’re sweaty, sleepy, and just ate a Snickers bar at 10:00 pm). Anyway, these earn the Favorite Mom Products Seal of Approval because they combat the disgusting slickery whale situation.

Francincense and Lavender Zum Spray

How fab is it that one of my favorite things is only $12 and will be on your doorstep in 48 hours?

It seems like I’m really into sleeping. I guess I am? This spray goes onto your pillow before bed. It’s pretty subtle, and it’s just so nice to have a fresh, clean smell hovering around your schnozz when it’s bedtime. The frankincense gives it a little bit of an earthier aroma than just plain old lavender. I put it on my bod sometimes, too, and wear it as a perfume. I wouldn’t say it lingers all day, but for the length of time you can smell it, it’s DIVINE.

Hanky Panky Retro V-Kini Undies

Okay, so I feel like in the photo below and if you click this product link, these undies look pretty frumpster. But I think that’s because they’re not really amazing on super thin models. And besides, if you are super thin, you probably don’t need to spend $32 on a pair of underwear to feel fabulous. The ability to buy dirt cheap underwear and look like a supermodel is a gift which has not been bestowed upon me.

I don’t have tons of these, because I’m not trying to go broke on panties. However, when it’s time to treat myself, that’s the first thing that comes to mind. They have a lot of coverage for my stretch marks, but the lace and styling keeps them from looking frumpy. They hold their shape incredibly well, which I found surprising, because I always thought that lace couldn’t be so functional. In short, these undies make me feel better about myself, which is the most you can hope for from a pair of underwear at age 36 after three kids. So don’t judge me because this favorite mom product is a lot cheaper than plastic surgery or therapy. 

Self Care as a Mom Requires Trader Joe’s Flowers

We used to live near a Trader Joe’s, and even though I hate grocery shopping, I was an incredibly happy woman when it came to that store. My husband likes to do the shopping. I’m pretty sure it’s just because he likes to get away from us, but it’s hard to be mad when I can relate so well.

Anyway, he would always go do the Trader Joe’s shopping on the weekend, and he would come home with the prettiest little bouquet of flowers for me. Can flowers count as a favorite mom “product?” Who cares. These bundles were always priced at $4.99 or $7.99. At that price, he could have easily brought some home every weekend, but the flowers almost always lasted 2 weeks!

    trader joe's flowers favorite mom products

    Garnier Rose Moisturizer

    I live in the desert, friends, so hydration is key. I use all the tricks to try and slow down the damage from playing golf my entire upbringing. My dad used to take me to all my tournaments, and I’d fight him so hard on applying sunscreen because it made my hands greasy, and then I’d lose my grip on the golf club. Excuses, amiright? 

    Anyway, I look about 52 years old some mornings. One time, when my husband and I were MERELY DATING he looked at my neck one morning and said, “Your neck is crazy wrinkled.” Can you believe we stayed together after that? I find the humidifier overnight helps a LOT. But I also must apply moisturizer night and day. This one is fabulous and it’s cheap. ‘Nuff said.

    SKONE Liquid Eyeliner

    IPSY sent me this liquid eyeliner, and I was totally intimidated. I mean, I’ve used a drugstore brand pencil my entire life, and I always assumed liquid eyeliner was for chicks who knew what they were doing with makeup. 

    But dude, anyone can use this stuff and look more put together. I love the boost it gives me! I feel like I instantly look more awake when I put this stuff on. Also, it doesn’t take extra time and you don’t have to have a super steady hand.

    Young Living Essential Oils 

    Look, y’all, I have not completely drunk the Kool-Aid when it comes to essential oils. If one of us is legitimately sick, I’m not dosing with Thieves to solve the problem, I tend to bust out the big guns. If the stomach bug is circulating, I’m a bleach with more bleach kinda gal. However, something about these two specific oils/oil blends does it for me, and therefore they’ve earned Favorite Mom Product status. 

    The Frankincense is pricey as heck, but I do rub a couple of drops onto my face several nights a week, and I swear I look less haggard and sad when I wake up. It has lasted me three years at this point.

    Last year, before I went gluten-free, I was having stomach problems pretty much daily. I would just get so bloated after eating almost anything. But during that time when I didn’t know what the heck was happening to my body, I used Digize. I would add a dollop of coconut oil to my hand, add two drops of Digize, and then rub the mixture on my pasty-white belly in a circular motion. Some quack even told me to rub clockwise to aid digestion. And I swear it wasn’t simply a placebo effect – it worked to relieve a good deal of the discomfort of just routine gastric upset. 

    Self Care as a Mom Requires SPANX Faux Leather Leggings for the Occasional Nights Out

    These are called leggings technically, but don’t think of them that way or you’ll never spend the $98 on them if you’re frugal like me. You’re not schlepping it over to the Wally World in these suckers.* These are well worth the $98 because you will feel amazeballs in them, and every once in a while, there’s a special moment in time where nothing less will do.

    I’m a hearty size 12 on a good day. The Lord has blessed me with childbearing hips that can apparently spit out a baby in under 3 hours before I can even get myself into the hospital bed. Try as I might, these hips are not going back down to pre-baby proportions. Still, these leggings make me look closer to a size 8. And they should! Because in spite of sizing up one full size (read the reviews and order accordingly), I had to lay flat on my back on my bed to wiggle into them. You’d think they would be super uncomfortable, but they’re not. They feel like heaven once you’ve sausaged your way into that casing. 

    So yes, the price tag is a tough pill to swallow if you’re not accustomed to spending money on fashion for yourself. But you won’t regret it!

    *OMG, “suckers” is right…