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Lessons Learned in Motherhood – My Latest Blog Posts

Motherhood feels like one big forehead slap sometimes. There are days when it feels like I’ve been fighting the same battle for weeks. Sometimes, I realize that I knew the solution all along, if I only stopped a moment and lifted my chin toward the heavens. Lessons learned in motherhood often come to me while sitting in the bathtub, with tears rolling down my cheeks.

Humility, amiright?

You know that mom with the perfect hair and perfect body? She’s anxious about something, too. How about that mom that never yells at her kids? You’re in this together, and she’s not perfect either. How about your best friend, whose little boy is a perfect angel? Yours is…not. 

Slow down, Mamas! Take a moment to sit with your worries and with your Maker. What lesson do you need to learn today? Here are some of mine. 

Finding Faith After Miscarriage in Appalachia

Finding Faith After Miscarriage in Appalachia

It was the last week of July 2016, and I hadn't uttered a single heartfelt prayer in a month. And yet, as the youth director of our Methodist Church, it was time for me to lead 25 teenagers and parents on a mission trip across the country in Appalachia. Three weeks prior, I had...

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