Little Boy Writing a Santa Letter

7 Adorable & FREE Letter to Santa Templates for Kids of All Ages

It’s almost Christmas! Not really – it’s July. But I LOVE Christmas, and I’m already starting to think about it. My kids are currently 6, 3 and 1, so it’s going to be such a sweet, magical December. Our kids LOVE Santa, so I wanted to spend some time working on a letter to Santa template for our oldest two.

Plus, it’s a million degrees outside in west Texas. So when it’s crazy hot, I start daydreaming of being cuddled up with my kiddos under a blanket on the couch. I imagine myself by the fire, watching all my favorite holiday episodes of New Girl. We have fabulous patio lights, too. Plus, this year I bought 100 tea lights from IKEA and I plan to scatter them all over our living room to create the perfect Christmassy vibe.

Whether you’ve got little kids who aren’t writing yet, or upper elementary students who you’d like to write a short paragraph, I’ve got the perfect letter to Santa template for you! I’ve even got an updated address template for kids who will be spending Christmas on vacation.

Here are some of my all-time favorite Christmas gifts for kindergarteners (plus or minus a couple of years).

Letter to Santa Template for Preschoolers

If you’ve got a little one who isn’t writing yet, you can use this letter to Santa template to help them send something that still looks official. Let them draw the perfect picture of what they’d like to receive from Santa. Of course, here’s a pro tip: make sure to ask them to explain their drawing to you!

letter to Santa template for kids who aren't writing yet

Fill In the Blank Letter to Santa Templates

Younger elementary kids might really enjoy a template that will help them craft the perfect letter to Santa! Here are some of my favorites that I’ve whipped up for you.

I love this one because of its vintage style and unique color combinations.

Letter to Santa Template for beginning writers

This next one is perfect for kids who are willing to write a little more. I think this template would work best for older kids who are better at abstract thinking, because of the bit about Christmas wishes that can’t be bought.

This letter is really sweet if you’re hoping they’ll do a bit more reflecting.

letter to Santa template for middle elementary

I like this letter to Santa template for its simplicity. It’s also great because it leaves a little more room for kids to think about the good they’ve done over the past year. It also gives them more space to record their Christmas wishes.

letter to Santa template for middle elementary

Letter to Santa Template for Kids Away from Home on Christmas

We’ve fielded some questions about this one in the past. Some kids get anxious that Santa won’t be able to find them if they’re vacationing at Christmas Eve for the first time. Of course, we adults know that Santa knows EVERYTHING. However, some kids will find comfort in drafting a letter to Santa letting them know an updated address for Christmas.

letter to Santa template for kids who are on vacation

Letter to Santa for *Want, Need, Wear, Read* Families

If you’re looking for a Letter to Santa template that allows kids to designate want, need, wear and read gifts, here’s one just for you! This one also allows for an address update. I also think it’s adorable that kids get to ask Santa to “Say hello” to a favorite Christmas friend like Rudolph or Mrs. Claus.

letter to Santa template for want, need, wear, and read

Letter to Santa Template for Middle to Upper Elementary

Here’s a letter to Santa template that’s perfect for older kids who are writing full paragraphs. It gives lots of room for creativity since there aren’t any sentence frames.

letter to Santa template for upper elementary

Are you looking for editable letters FROM Santa? Check out these downloadable letters on Etsy.

I hope you enjoyed all these Santa templates and that at least one will work well for you!

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