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Making the Holidays Meaningful with Little Kids

Here’s your source for all Mama Manages content related to the holidays! I just love the holidays. I don’t go completely nutty, because I’m also all about SIMPLE. It’s just not my idea of fun to decorate every single room in the house, or try to fit 42 traditions into every holiday season. There are lots of ways to focus on making the holidays meaningful without sacrificing your sanity. 

After all, some of us get these very Pinteresty visions for what a holiday with little children should be. And while some of you are probably amazing at that, others of us are not. And if trying to nail every single holiday makes you irritable and grumpy, your kids are more likely to be focused on wanting their happy mama back than noticing that you had a gorgeously decorated mantle and offered hot chocolate on three different special occasions. 

Here you’ll find holiday gift guides, a few special traditions, books we love to read, and more. Enjoy!

21 Meaningful Etsy Christmas Gifts for 2020

21 Meaningful Etsy Christmas Gifts for 2020

I absolutely love shopping on Etsy for the holidays. First, it makes me feel good to support small businesses, especially during this Covid crisis that has been hard on some families. Second, while ordering personalized gifts for people requires some advanced planning, it's way...

30 Unique Christmas Gifts for Kindergarteners

30 Unique Christmas Gifts for Kindergarteners

I've already created a post with my favorite 10 Toys that Make Kids Smarter and Healthier. I hope you'll check it out! Now, I'm ready to dig deeper into even more Christmas gifts for kindergarteners. I do like to think outside the box, but we're also quite possibly the last...

9 Special Family Halloween Activities

9 Special Family Halloween Activities

We're still not sure how we're handling Halloween with the Covid business happening. I've got decision fatigue about everything Covid-related, so I'm betting we'll end up staying around the house. But I've got a six year old and a two year old who need their holidays to be...

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