I absolutely love shopping on Etsy for the holidays. First, it makes me feel good to support small businesses, especially during this Covid crisis that has been hard on some families. Second, while ordering personalized gifts for people requires some advanced planning, it’s way more fun to watch someone open a gift that was chosen specifically for them. I’ve created this list of meaningful Etsy Christmas gifts for 2020 to help you feel like a rock star mama. 

But you know what? If you end up buying everyone in the family the same dang scarf on December 22nd while racing around Walmart all masked up, Jesus loves you, and I do, too. 

Remember, you don’t need to earn God’s love by creating the most magical holiday season ever. You don’t have to get every single thing right. If you suck at putting together gorgeous holiday appetizers or don’t even bother to put bows on your package, you are my soul sister. You are worthy because you are God’s child and that’s enough. Rant over.  

Happy shopping, mamas! 

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I have personally purchased from both of these shops, and the quality is outstanding. These make gorgeous personalized gifts.


SketchAway specializes in custom paintings of beautiful places. Above is a watercolor I ordered of the Gateway to India, which was a gorgeous spot I watched from my hotel room long ago. She has so many already created that you can browse in her shop, or order a custom one of a favorite travel spot.


I ordered from BlessedWillowGallery last Christmas, soon after my sister purchased her first home with her husband. I simply drove past the house, snapped a photo, and then submitted it to the artist. The best part? She didn’t have grass in her yard yet, but the artist just added some at my request.

While it makes a good housewarming gift, this is also a great present for someone who might be moving away from a cherished family home.

Inspiring Etsy Gift Shops for Crafty Friends

We all have that inspired, artsy friend or family member who can do anything creative they set their minds to. We also all know a fellow mom who is stressed to the max and needs a friendly reminder to take care of herself by exploring new hobbies. Why not try one of these amazing gifts?

Wildflower Art Studio

One of my best high school buddies (not to mention my former bridesmaid) is the Mompreneur behind Wildflower Art Studio. This shop is now the leader in calligraphy education, with over 40,000 DIY kits shipped globally. That’s a lot, friends.

But that’s really just one small part of what she does! Emile also has a studio/workshop in Denton, Texas that is KILLING it. I’m so proud of her, and I can personally testify that her in-person classes (when they resume, post-Covid) and DIY kits are so fun. She’s currently offering virtual group classes, like the adaptable boss babe that she is. 

I spent almost all of Christmas Day last year just lazily learning a new skill on my couch, by the fire. It was delightfully relaxing. The products she includes in her kits are super high quality, too. The instructions and supplies can’t be beat!

Felted Sky

How cute is that!? I’ve had my eye on needle felting for a while! I thought it might be fun to get Turkey Burger a kid-friendly kit and I could learn how to do my own. This shop has over 24,000 sales on Etsy!

Thoughtful Etsy Gifts for Christians in 2020

There’s something sweetly thoughtful about choosing a faith-based gift. These gifts are all about treating someone to a bit of self-care, since Christians often find peace and hope through their faith. Why not encourage them on their walk with Jesus? 


Anyone else think this is absolutely gorgeous? I have a post about a prayer where I explain my process for writing my prayers on post-it notes. But of course, this is far more lovely alternative. These bowls are gorgeous and would make a heartwarming addition to someone’s nightstand (or war room). 

Imperfect Dust

For mainline Christians who grew up on hymns each Sunday morning, these words can bring comfort. This artist takes hymn sheets and hand-letters the most familiar text over the top.

If I walked past this each day, it would bring a little dose of peace with it. I think this artwork belongs near a coffee station in the kitchen.

If you don’t see your favorite hymn in her collection of over 60 hymns, she can possibly accommodate your custom request! 

Adorable Etsy Christmas Gifts for Kids

I don’t often think of shopping for kids on Etsy, but these gifts are excellent!


Awww! Got a little friend in the family who is learning their letters and likes seeing their name? These little crayons are a really cool gift for budding artists in the toddler and preschool category.


Eeek! Both of my kids LOVED the transition to big kid cups. For some reason, they seem to think it’s super cool to sip from a cup that doesn’t have spill protection (LOL!). These personalized cups are super cute, and the options are wonderful!


Got a little toddler terror who loves jacking with the Christmas tree!? This is such a cute gift for little ones. It’s a bonus if you can gift this one to the oldest child in the family, or if you suspect more kids will follow who will enjoy it in years to come. 

I also think this gift is super for grandparents, aunts and uncles, or other extended family members who may not get to see their toddler friend this year. Send it early in December so that your little guy or gal can enjoy it for the whole month. 

Considerate Etsy Christmas Gifts for Teachers and Nurses

If there were EVER a time to spoil our teachers and nurses, this is the year! Our frontline workers should know that we love and appreciate them. 


Teachers and nurses both wear badges. My students used to love it when I changed out my seasonal badge reels every holiday. I used to buy badge reel toppers from this shop, and it was so fun to start the year with a pencil, switch to a happy little pumpkin in October, and then a Christmas tree in December. Plus I had several other silly ones just for fun. 

I began the year with a lanyard, but then I had a student who was deaf, and I had to wear a special necklace for 90 minutes a day. Plus, I frequently wore necklaces as an accessory. Adding a lanyard to the mix was just ridiculous!

I preferred badge reels because I could clip them anywhere that’s out of the way, and they stretch. That way, you don’t have to remove the lanyard or lean down to unlock your classroom door 42 times a day. 

As you can see, they have some really fun nurse badge reels, too! Buy several to make it a cute gift, and make sure the gift includes the actual badge reel (plus the cute topper) to make sure she can wear it right away. 


It seemed like tons of teachers were incorporating Bitmojis in the classroom before the pandemic, but AFTER virtual learning began? Suddenly, every teacher became an expert on Bitmoji virtual classrooms. It became a fun way for kids to interact with little cartoon characters of their teachers. 

These Bitmoji notepads are perfect for teachers! We love to sprinkle Bitmojis on EVERYTHING. Ask your teacher gift recipient to send you their Bitmoji, and you can still surprise them with this fun little gift. 


Another thing that was popular on my campus last year (and for years prior) was cutesy decals on teacher laptops. We all carry laptops home every night for work, and cart them to professional development. It’s nice to have an easy identifier so you can differentiate your laptop from every other one in the room. Check out this shop and spoil your favorite teacher!

Sentimental Etsy Christmas Gifts in 2020 for Jewelry Lovers

In years past, I’ve purchased birthstone jewelry from Etsy that was lovely. It was the sort of necklace where every grandchild got a birth stone for my mom’s necklace. The trouble was that more babies came! 

These gifts stand alone really well by themselves. They are so sweet and fun for moms and grandmothers. 


I love the concept of this necklace. Just take any adorable drawing from a child, snap a photo of it, and upload it to the artist. Boom! What a completely unique and clever gift for a mom or grandmother. 


I like the versatility of this gift. As a mom, I immediately think of children’s writing, but I can also imagine how a signature or favorite saying from a loved one could be meaningful, too. Again, simply take a photo of the handwriting with your phone and send it off to the artist. 


These pretty little rings are a great price, and don’t require customization. So if you need a gift in a snap, this could be a great fit for a recipient who is far from home – perhaps your favorite college student?

Meaningful Etsy Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers

If you need a Christmas gift for a book lover, you could always just pick up a great book for them! The trouble is, it’s hard to surprise a book lover. Chances are, they might have already read what you’re thinking of buying! Here are a couple of other literary-themed gift ideas. 


This shop in South Dakota specializes in classy little leather goods. These bookmarks are a meaningful Etsy Christmas gift for 2020 – after all, many of us have rediscovered past joys as we’ve been quarantined at home. We’ve made time for reading things longer than tweets, played more games with our kids, experimented with new hobbies, and tried to find happiness in the midst of a dark time. 


This is a wonderful gift for people who generously share their books. 

You can think outside the box on this one; if you know an elementary school teacher, he or she almost certainly needs this gift. We tend to share classroom library books or read-aloud texts at the elementary level. But we do need the books back! It’s easy for books purchased with our own money to get lost in the chaos. 

Personalized Etsy Christmas Gifts for Pet Owners

Dog and cat lovers, you make it so easy on your friends! For fur-parents, there are endless DELIGHFUL Etsy Christmas gifts in 2020. Here are two of my favorites – I’ve ordered both of these in past Christmases!


These tote bags are heavy duty and fabulous! I got my sister one with her dog Curtis, a reddish-yellow lab, printed on a sage background. He looked STUNNING. These bags are great for groceries, or when your dog goes on an overnight adventure. The price is totally reasonable for the quality.


This shop is so fun! I love the pop art style for homes, apartments or dorm rooms that are super casual and colorful. The artist will render several color options to complement your pup or cat. 

Etsy Gifts for Newlyweds and Engaged Couples

Ahh! Young love! What a glorious thing to celebrate during the holidays. Here are a couple of meaningful Etsy Christmas gifts in 2020 for couples.


How adorable is this gift for a couple’s very first Christmas together? I remember feeling like there was something truly magical about our first Christmas as a married couple. This personalized ornament is just delicious!


I remember the first time I was gifted a self-inking address stamp. Back then, I was still paying lots of bills by mail, believe it or not. I guess I’m getting old. I really loved it. It made such a boring task seem a little special. 

Every time we’ve moved since then, I’ve treated myself to a new one in a different font or style. They’re just so handy! 

Now, I pay almost zero bills by mail, but I do tend to send a lot of thank you notes. Turkey Burger loves to help out by wielding the stamp. 

That's the End, My Friend!

What have been your experiences with shopping on Etsy? Tell us about how they’ve been received! 

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