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Hey-o! Thanks for stopping by this little corner of the internet to meet the mama behind Mama Manages. I’m Whitney, a mama of three that’s just barely managing. I’ve learned some things since becoming a wife and mom and thought I’d share them with the whole entire world, or maybe just like 17 people. It’s too soon to tell. What can I say? I’m a dreamer.  

Meet the Mama Who Adores Her Hubs

I have a husband I will call “Hubs” on this site. He’s a prosecutor from the east coast who moved to Texas because he loved me so dang much. Our romance began in 2003 at an undergraduate fraternity party wherein I was dressed as a deviled egg for Halloween, and he said, “Ya know what? Forget all these gorgeous gals wearing pasties and fishnets. I’m gonna marry that deviled egg someday.” I made that last part up, but whatever. The strategy worked so well for me, I figured I’d link to the costume so you can wow your future man. 

He looks good in a suit, fights fairly and rarely with me, makes dinner many nights, and loves our three babies. We’ve been happily married since 2010, and I’ve got a spot on the blog for things I’ve learned about marriage. It’s approximately two things. You’re welcome.

Meet the Mama Who’s Managing Motherhood

I’m a crunchy mom to these precious little heathens, but only when it suits me. They are Turkey Burger, Chicken Patty, and Chicken Nugget. Birth stories linked here, for all you birth nuts out there. Those aren’t their real names, obvi. 

I’m going on my 19th month of breastfeeding (split across three babies), and I cloth diapered one and a half kids. I’ve done my own version of (safe, I promise) co-sleeping. However, I’ve used formula and disposable diapers, too, and the children have survived that so far. I was all quietly self-righteous about never letting a baby cry until I just couldn’t take it anymore, and then I did cry it out when both of my big kids were around 9 months. I felt maybe a little guilty about it until I rediscovered how amazing it feels to actually sleep. I’ve relied heavily on both baby carriers and strollers, depending on the kid and my lifestyle at the time. We vaccinate and we stick to the schedule. I’m sort of an old-school mom in some ways, but I don’t rub whiskey on their gums when they’re teething or anything.

A lot of that feels like old news now that my two oldest are 6 and nearly 3. So a lot of what I like to write about is big kid stuff. Product recommendations, behavior management hacks, and celebrating the holidays together. Most importantly, I love writing about trying to raise decent, smart, faithful little people that are ready for this big, scary world. 

Meet the Mama Who Sucks at Homemaking

What a hilariously quaint term! I love everything about home management except cooking. I solemnly vow to never post a recipe here because I’m not trying to poison anyone. I also hate cleaning. Oh! And I don’t really like grocery shopping at all. I don’t sew, either.

I do enjoy yard work, but in the past, I’ve cost us a lot of money by running over the Freon line with the lawn mower, so I’m not exactly good at it, nor do I have anything to offer that’s particularly fresh or insightful.

On the rare occasion that I’ve attempted “hosting,” I typically forget something like DRINKS or fail to realize that some people include a vegetable with their meals. 

You know what I actually really do like? Home organization, home decor, and tidying compulsively. 

But really! Meet the mama who can make you feel good about your own domestic skills. 

Meet the Mama Who Loves Jesus (But Doesn’t Have It All Figured Out – Like AT ALL)

I’m very into Jesus and I love a good women’s Bible Study, but like many Methodists, I’m a lousy evangelist. But evangelism doesn’t seem as scary when you just think of it as sharing your stories. I try to do some of that here. 

I like to curse a little and have a nightly glass of red wine, and some religious folks aren’t cool with that sort of unladylike behavior. They’re missing out – on the wine, really. Not sure what the cursing is doing for me, but it feels good in the moment. 

Meet the Mama Who is Always Workin’ 

I’ve done quite a few different things with my career so far, except not anything that makes good money. The most helpful thing I’ve done for the blog is teaching elementary school, because I’ve got teacher/parent insight that might help – like what to do if your kid gets in trouble at school. I started with a 2 year stint with Teach For America, and then got into ministry in the Methodist church and data management for a higher education marketing company.

I have a master’s degree from Stanford (woo woo), which is something I like to remind myself every time I do something absurdly spacey, or when I tell my husband something I’ve accidentally already said like four times already (which is what happens when you have three children in five years). I think once upon a time I was quite clever and conversational, but my brain has been sabotaged by hormones and pregnancy and nursing and full immersion into little people world. It has made me dumber but wiser, all at once. I kinda like it, most days.

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