50 Ways I’m Barely Managing Motherhood

Well, since my blog is called Mama Manages, I thought it was time to have a moment of authenticity. Ya know, I like to write about the things I’ve figured out how to do better, because nobody wants to read a blog about someone who’s just fretful and whiny all the time. At the same…

Meet the mama who is kinda obsessed with public education.

I have a master’s from the Stanford University School of Education in Policy, Organization, and Leadership Studies (POLS). I’ve long been interested in the role public schools can play in helping kids rise out of poverty and pursue their dreams.

If it sounds overly idealistic, that’s because it is. The system is broken, but I firmly believe the answer is improving upon what we’ve got with grit, curiosity, and good policy.

Specifically, elementary schools (for now)…

lots of kids running from the school

I love teaching elementary school and working as an interventionist. I’m a big believer in flexible seating and incentives-based behavior management, particularly in struggling schools. I’ve never been afraid of a data dig, no matter how disappointing the results might be. Sometimes ya gotta suck it up, buttercup, wipe the tears from your cheeks, and dig deeper. 

 My favorite thing to write about is parent/teacher relationships and solving school problems as a parent. As a teacher, I have had a lot of hard but productive conversations with parents as we tried to navigate how to get their little ones back on track.

Gimme Jesus, everyday!

We are Methodists, but more importantly, we are trying to raise kids who look to Jesus. We read the Bible at home and teach grace and forgiveness. Someday, when my kids are bigger, I dream of going on Methodist mission trips with them like I did as a teenager. Those experiences shaped my whole future and identity in Christ. As a former youth minister, I believe serving others should be a major part of the teenage years in our family.

However, my oldest is currently SIX, so I’m just talkin’ that big game for now!

I’m trying to raise kids of my own who are growing in faith but never sheltered from the real world. I think public school can play an important part in us achieving that goal.

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