Our 12 Favorite Chapter Books

These are the 12 favorite chapter books in our home right now. Most of these will work great for a second grader. As my little one grows, I’ll be sure to update continually for older readers.

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This is my daughter’s favorite series of all time! It features a rather adventurous “princess” who must complete a bunch of benevolent tasks in order to earn her admittance to knight school. Guided reading level is O.

I love these sweet little books. They were Turkey Burger’s first REAL chapter book series. Guided reading level is K.

This is the best story Bible because the stories aren’t disjointed. It lives up to its subtitle: Every Story Whispers His Name. Kids learn to understand that the entire Bible is really about Jesus. If you’re looking for more children’s Bible and devotionals, here are my top favorites.

Magic Treehouse is a wonderful series for kids who love adventure. My kiddo loves them! Guided reading level is M.

These stories are inspirational for girls and so much fun. Turkey Burger has read this book numerous times, and it’s a big one!

This fun pair of besties always has silly ideas. The guided reading level is M. These are perfect beginning chapter books for little girls. 

We actually have a boxed set we found at Costco that includes 8 different life stories. These are well written, exciting biographies with great pictures and graphics. 

These are really great graphic novels. The vocabulary is pretty advanced, but thanks to the super fun pictures on kitty’s naughty behavior, this one is super readable. Guided reading level M.

If you know a little kid who loves the Judy Moody books, here’s the series about her brother, Stink! Teachers love these books, too. They are super fun and guided reading level M.

Unicorn Bowling is a wonderful little graphic novel. There’s an entire series! I love how the kids can use the pictures to sort out the meaning of unfamiliar words.

We love this series. Yasmin is a Pakistani American girl who is always pursuing new dreams. There are little doses of multiculturalism in there that are accessible for all kids. 

These books are a level O, so slightly more challenging than some of the others here, and also with fewer pictures. But the stories are timeless and our kiddo loves them!

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We’ll be sure to update this list of favorite chapter books as time goes on. I’d love to ask what your favorites are, but I haven’t figured out how to filter spam in my comments! So, no comments for me!