Our 16 Favorite Picture Books

These are the 16 favorite picture books in our home right now. I hope you find some new inspiration!

I’d like to mention that several of these were discoveries made by receiving the Amazon Book Box. It’s a really outstanding book subscription. You won’t get books you already have because they choose awesome new releases. We LOVE Amazon book box!

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This ridiculous book is our all time favorite. I love to read it out loud and the kids think it’s hysterical. My third graders were obsessed with it, too!

I adore this little multicultural gem. Bilal’s whole neighborhood of friends are eager to try his family’s favorite recipe for daal, but now he’s afraid people won’t like it. 

This one is pretty advanced, but it’s a GREAT conversation starter if you have little girls. These women are all heroes in our home!

This is a classic little book about bullying. Chrysanthemum hates being teased for her name, until her teacher saves the day!

This book is just plain silly, and so fun! The author has several others but Click Clack Moo is a must-have!

I’m kind of a sucker for any PD Eastman book, but this one is a wonderful book about contentment and true love.

This is a book about peace. Persistent kindness wins the day!

This is a wonderful, daydreamy book about a little girl in costume getting carried off by penguins. Will she make it home by the time her birthday party begins? Side note: Harriet has two daddies. Turkey Burger hasn’t noticed yet, but we’ll be ready for the discussion when she is.

This is the most elegant pop-up picture book I’ve ever seen. My son is obsessed with the pop up butterfly at the end. It’s a truly beautiful book.

This is the MOST delightful way to teach your kids about homonyms, and also introduces a truly hilarious love triangle. At first, I didn’t take this book seriously enough. When I heard Turkey Burger reading it out loud, and CACKLING to herself in her room, I gave it a second shot. And it’s truly brilliant.

If I’m ever in the mood for a snuggle, I go for Nancy Tillman. The illustrations are gorgeous and the words are sweet. 

This book is storytelling genius. Bruce and the goslings are just so loveable and the problems he encounters trying to parent them will make any mother laugh out loud. My kids love it, too!

Ahhh! Another classic! Elmer the patchwork elephant is the life of the party, but he just wants to be a nice shade of grey like everyone else. 

Sophie’s Squash is SO DANG CUTE. This little girl buys a squash at the farmer’s market, and then much to her parents’ dismay, just can’t eat it. It becomes her pet, and things go as you’d expect.

If you’ve got a little kid obsessed with ALL vehicles, this is the book for you! It’s so random and silly, and the plot gets lost. But there’s so much to look at!

You can’t have a round up of your favorite children’s books and leave off Mo Willems – specifically Knuffle Bunny, our favorite one. Knuffle Bunny, the protagonists’ beloved stuffy, gets left at the laundromat down the street. It’s a hard day, but a happy ending. 

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