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Faith Stories for Moms 

I’m not a superhero Christian mom. I’m not the mom who orchestrates beautiful devotional times with her children, or the one who is always playing Christian music in the car so her kids internalize all those good words. During Covid, when we weren’t able to attend church face-to-face, we didn’t even really do the online church things because it just stressed me out to try and keep them still, and looking at a screen. These faith stories for moms aren’t coming from a place of superiority.

These stories are from one imperfect mama to another one. Maybe there’s some little bit of truth here that will inspire you to keep growing, just like me. 

In case you’re interested, I’m a lifelong Methodist who has served in the church as a youth minister and director of family ministries. While I’m pretty comfortable with my Bible study skills and ability to apply God’s word to my life, I feel like I really struggle with prayer and staying connected to God on a daily basis. I’m also probably not whatever stereotype you have about evangelical Christians who live in west Texas, but I won’t say anything else on that topic. 

Jesus loves you, Mama! I don’t know much, but I know that part is true. Remember – you don’t have to earn His love.


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PS – If you have a faith story to share for other moms, would you message me about it? I’d love to feature it here.

How to Pray (If Prayer Is Hard for You)

How to Pray (If Prayer Is Hard for You)

For six years, I was in ministry in the Methodist church. I worked with children, teenagers, and their parents. I love facilitating a good Bible Study or just participating, and I've listened to sermons that changed my life (PS, I love this church's online offerings,...

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