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Self Care Tips for Moms

Mamas, we have to learn how to take care of ourselves instead of just worrying about everyone else all the time! Does that feel impossible? Making time for yourself can just feel like one more burden or another thing on the endless to do list. I think we make self care seem too complicated. These self-care tips for moms are meant to be frequent and achievable.

Instead of planning big elaborate gestures to treat yourself, like making time and money for a lengthy spa appointment, we need to focus on smaller, more attainable and frequent acts of self-care. It can be a one-time treat, like rewarding yourself with the perfect, budget friendly eyeliner, or asking your partner (if available) to give you a daily 20 minutes of “me time” without any family obligations.

Sometimes self care is about time management or ways to make life more organized. When we’re more organized and better managers of our time, we create space for more frequent acts of self care. I find that having a more peaceful, organized home is good for my mental well-being. I have a hard time settling into a cozy bath with my nightly glass of red wine if the house feels like it’s falling down around me. So being disciplined about my home and routines can actually open the door to better self care.

Good luck, mamas! Be sure to comment on posts with your favorite self-care tips!

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