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Motherhood Stories from a Mama Like You

My guess is that you came to my website looking for some helpful tips or information from a fellow mom. You may not find that here, but scoot on over to the “tips” page for some helpful blog posts. Some topics just don’t lend themselves well to a how-to post, or “27 Ways You Can Blah Blah.” Sometimes, you just need to hear a motherhood stories¬†from a mom like you.

It’s probably because you’re really worried about something and you need a friend, or you feel like nobody can relate to your fears.

Maybe you’ve tried talking to a gal pal about your OBGYN, and you’re kinda freaking out about labor and delivery concerns, and it seemed like they just didn’t “get it.” I’ve been there. Here are my birth stories, which will probably help.

Or perhaps you’re having a bit of a faith crisis, and you’re not in a faith community where you can really talk about it with anyone. I’ve got a story about that, too.

Struggling with infertility and worried that no one will believe you? You know your body, and you know something ain’t right. I’ve been there, and I can tell you what helped in my situation.

Happy reading, Mama. You’re not alone. Message me if you want to share your story here. I’ve got a few readers who would probably love to hear about it.

Looking for amazing motherhood resources? I gotcha covered!

Stork’d Podcast, by Julia Karol

The Birth Hour Podcast, by Bryn Huntpalmer

Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirth (an Amazon Affiliate link)

The Business of Being Born (Amazon Affiliate Link)

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