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50 Fun Thanksgiving Would You Rather Questions (Free Printable & Google Slides!)

The best thing about Thanksgiving would you rather questions is that they’re such an easy way to connect people of all ages together, have a laugh, or even give students a brain break in class. If you’re worried about a tense Thanksgiving dinner with extended family, put a few of these questions in your back pocket to lighten the mood!

You can insert them into a casual family conversation, be more formal and actually print out cards (included below), or even project one on a Google slide every day in the month of November for your students.

Many teachers who are using restorative practices in their classrooms love the ease of would you rather questions. It can give your shy talkers a moment of bravery. Especially if you’re using restorative circles to maintain relationships (rather than repair them), would you rather questions can be a gentle introduction.

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What is the point of Would You Rather games?

Would you rather games are meant to be an icebreaker or conversation starter. The right question (or series of questions) can ease an awkward group gathering for kids, create a laugh that interrupts a boring presentation, or offer a brain break for tuckered out students.

Would you rather questions are popular because they work well for people of all ages, depending on the question asked.

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How do you play Would You Rather games?

Would you rather games are super easy and customizable. You simply ask participants to choose between two comparable options. Typically, both options presented are equally desirable or awful. What makes it fun is the debate that follows, or the silly follow-up questions people ask as they try to work out which option to choose.

There are different ways to present would you rather questions:

  • in casual conversation, particularly around a dinner table
  • to open a discussion in a group setting
  • on a stack of cards, taking turns reading them aloud – this option works well if you want students facilitating groups
  • on a Google slide, which encourages kids to move to opposite sides of the room in order to choose their response
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Thanksgiving Would You Rather Questions

So let’s get into it! Here are some fun ideas for your next Thanksgiving gathering. These Thanksgiving would you rather questions are a mixture of gross, embarrassing, and silly!

Would you rather…

  • eat nothing but mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving day, or nothing but cranberry sauce?
  • eat pumpkin pie or pecan pie?
  • eat too much dessert and feel yucky, or skip dessert completely?
  • have to eat turkey for breakfast, lunch, and dinner the whole week after Thanksgiving, or wear a pilgrim costume to school everyday?
  • wash your hair with mashed potatoes, or take a bath in gravy?
  • write a five paragraph essay about Thanksgiving, or do a whole page of Thanksgiving-themed word problems?
  • celebrate Thanksgiving every day of November, or celebrate Valentine’s every day of February?
  • go for a Thanksgiving cruise or have a Thanksgiving Disney trip?
  • spend a whole week gobbling like a turkey without using any words, or squeal like a pig being slaughtered at the start of every class?
  • eat a raw onion or a raw clove of garlic?
  • participate in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade or just watch it in person?
  • wake up early to cook the turkey and feed your whole family, or be responsible for clean up?
  • take a Thanksgiving flight with your family or go on a road trip together?
  • spend Thanksgiving in New York City, or spend it on a farm?
  • tell your whole extended family why you’re grateful at the dinner table, or quietly look at Black Friday sales catalogues?
  • give a turkey a bath, or sleep all night with a pig?
  • go to school all day wearing Turkey feathers on your bottom, or a pumpkin stem on your head?
  • attend Thanksgiving dinner wearing your fanciest clothes, or wear a swimsuit to the meal?
  • watch football on Thanksgiving day, or play football in the backyard?
  • be on your best behavior at the adults table, or sit at the kids’ table and be annoyed by your three year old cousin?
  • eat ham or turkey as the main course?
  • be the only family member to eat Thanksgiving dinner without utensils, or be the only family member to eat under the table?
  • skip Thanksgiving all together, or eat only Thanksgiving food for an entire month?
  • go shopping on Black Friday in person, or buy all your Christmas gifts online?
  • eat Thanksgiving dinner alone in a mansion, or eat Thanksgiving with family on a blanket in your backyard?
  • eat a Thanksgiving dinner without meat, or eat a Thanksgiving dinner without anything sweet?
  • have a quiet, calm Thanksgiving with your best friend, or a noisy Thanksgiving celebration with lots of your relatives?
  • eat a Thanksgiving lunch or a Thanksgiving dinner?
  • sing a solo in front of your entire family on Thanksgiving Day, or do an interpretive dance for them?
  • have lots of Thanksgiving traditions, or do something different every year?
  • win $1,000 on national television on Thanksgiving Day, or quietly donate $5000 to a special charity?
  • eat your entire Thanksgiving dinner with a booger sticking out of your nose, or walk around all Thanksgiving Day with your fly open?
  • eat Thanksgiving dinner with your favorite celebrity, or have your whole family together for Thanksgiving?
  • play in the leaves with all your cousins and friends, or watch the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special together?
  • make a gratitude list or a Christmas wish list?
  • make a bad Thanksgiving dessert that no one talks about, or make the best dessert and have everyone complimenting you constantly all day?
  • have snow on Thanksgiving Day or super hot weather?
  • have a traditional Thanksgiving here in the United States, or skip it and travel to a foreign country with your family instead?
  • have to waddle around your school all day like a turkey, or bob your head all day at school like a chicken?
  • travel back in time to 1621 and celebrate the first Thanksgiving with the pilgrims and Native Americans, or travel forward in time to experience Thanksgiving in 400 more years?
  • eat deviled eggs or pickled beets?
  • suffer through a boring Thanksgiving conversation, or one where everyone shares TMI?
  • spend Thanksgiving serving in a soup kitchen, or delivering meals on wheels to elderly people?
  • have Brussels sprouts or asparagus as your Thanksgiving vegetable?
  • get caught tooting at the dinner table, or have your mom tell your most embarrassing story?
  • skip Thanksgiving entirely, or have to eat a full serving of anchovies on your plate?
  • have a full week off school for Thanksgiving, or an extra few days over Christmas break?
  • eat a Thanksgiving meal prepared by your school cafeteria, or one prepared by your grandpa?
  • find a hair in your stuffing after you’ve already eaten most of it, or a bug in the last bite of your pecan pie?
  • eat the exact same Thanksgiving meal for your entire life, or be required to try new foods every year at Thanksgiving?
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Free Thanksgiving Would You Rather Google Slides for School

If you’re looking to use Thanksgiving would you rather questions as a brain break for your students, this little slide presentation is your best friend! Just click the button below to get both the PDF version and the Google Slides.

Thanksgiving Would You Rather Google Slides
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Thanksgiving Would You Rather PDF

This PDF will work perfectly if you just want to open a youth group meeting with a few questions, or with older kids who don’t need the visual cues available on a Google slide. This is your low-tech option! It’s just a simple list of 50 Thanksgiving would you rather questions.

Thanksgiving Would You Rather PDF

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