Tips for Making Motherhood Easier 

The thing about being a mom is that there are way too many jobs. Some of you are working outside the home, others are involved in responsibilities at your place of worship. Then there’s managing household chores, and everything that falls under the huge umbrella of raising children. You’ve gotta take care of yourself and your relationship with your partner. These tips for making motherhood easier are from a mom like you.

I’m a mom who quit work recently because I couldn’t hold it all together anymore. I had a very surprising third baby in March of 2020 (love my little global pandemic baby with my whole entire heart), and I just couldn’t imagine continuing to teach third grade. It all felt like too much. Meal planning wasn’t going that great, I couldn’t stick to a budget to save my life, and the house was in a permanent state of ICK until that one magical day each month when the housekeeper came to bail me out. 

The worst part was that Chicken Patty was two years old and needed lots of help to behave himself. We were struggling to keep him on the straight and narrow (hah!), and I wondered if spending more than 2 hours each day with him might help. With two jobs and three tiny kids, our weekends were going to be full of chores and no fun at all. 

I’m doing better now. But I’m not finding that quitting work solved all my problems. I don’t have a housekeeper anymore, for one thing. It’s been wonderful, but there are different challenges, now. I’m having to learn new skills every day in this big transition.

These motherhood tips are here to show you what I HAVE figured out. Maybe it can help you, too!

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